The design philosophy of the practice is founded on consideration of the environmental and cultural context of the site allied to a desire to create high quality contemporary solutions that are clearly of their time.

The buildings the practice designs utilise modern idioms that sit comfortably within their context by being adapted and drawing inspiration from the genius loci of the site.

We strive to create design solutions that clearly connect visually and metaphorically with the context of the site and the function of the interior.

Palettes of materials are used to reinforce the underlying concept of the design and are positioned within the design depending on their visual integrity, durability and tactility.

We believe in enhancing the qualities of the materials used by the use of restrained constructional details that are simple, robust and easy to construct.
We believe in the full integration of environmental and structural design to create elegant holistic solutions where all parts are considered at an early stage to ensure economy of form, detail and cost.

The practice has faith in the advance of modern building technology and is prepared to promote innovative solutions when appropriate and acceptable to our clients.